Postcards from Greece: This will be the people’s parade!

The following text has been written just after the people’s parade in Thessaloniki on October 28 by Giannis Lathiras, who is a teacher, a member of the Coordination of Base’s Labor Unions and a member of ANTARSYA and New Left Current.

There are some moments…

The picture of the dignitary’ s stand just in front of the German Embassy was indicative of the new period.

The government «officials» ready for the annual parade as usual.

Thessaloniki was marvelous today, a bright sun, beauty was in the street

and the people singing «When will it get clear” … you felt it was almost ready to!

No more grotesque pathetic scenes, boring spectacles or sterile nostalgia of the past heroic period.

Real celebration! Thousands of people shouted «Go away. This will be the people’s parade».

The officials ran away with their tails between their legs!

Under the pressure the hatred police vans moved from side to side

as if the curtain has opened for the protagonist of this performance: The people themeslves!

A music band started the parade and we all followed behind it!

With the sound of music, Elias, happier than ever, shouted at the top of his voice:

«Rise up. It’s now or never» with the tone of the voice emphasizing this NOW!

People stood cheering. It’s a turning point «Yes, we can!» we said;

and that sweet girl with her hair up kissed me and whispered excited:

Our time has come!

Translation: Costas Gousis

All over Greece on October 28 2011 the “Anniversary of the No” (the rejection of Mussolini’ s ultimatum in 1940) and the parades in the streets have turned to be demonstrations that declared a new Day of No “No to IMF – EU – ECB. No to the Greek government. No to the austerity measures.” The government officials were everywhere chased and in Thessaloniki the official national military parade was cancelled and the President of Hellenic Republic left for security reasons. Manolis Glezos, worldwide known for his antifascist struggle stated that the anniversary has been re – signified by the demonstrators and has reclaimed its initial combative implications.

The non – elected installed Prime Minister – banker Lucas Papademos, the ‘grand coalition’  government and Mass Media fear that the parades organized for Greek Independence Day on March 24 – 25 will also become people’s parades. They fear the massive demonstations and new explosions of social unrest. Therefore, they tried to scare the people ahead of the parade and declared that any demonstration will face heavy police repression. What marks a turning point in the government’s authoritarian practices is the information that  snipers will be used all around the Syntagma square. The police militarization and a possible attempt to use the military force against the people in Greece is not only a propaganda in order to prevent the people’s mass movement. It is whatever has remained to the Greek government and the dominant IMF and EU policy in times of «crisis of authority».

Ηowever, the truth is that the power of the people is unstoppable.

This parade can also become a people’s parade!

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