During the Left Forum 2012 which took place in New York a few members from our blog and activists of the social movements and Greek anticapitalist Left have suggested a «Declaration of Solidarity» to people’ s struggle in Greece! The declaration was signed by 20 intellectuals (among them Peter Marcuse, Leo Panitch, Alex Demirovic, John Holloway and others). This is a very important initiative in a very critical economic, social and political conjuncture in Greece.

Solidarity to Greek people, to the workers, the youth, the new wave of immigrants, the students, the pupils, the pensioners, the homeless in Greece means solidarity to a hard but vital social struggle. We are united with the fired employee; we are united with young people who cannot find a job; with him/her, whose home is being taken by the banks; we are united with the pensioner, who sees his lifetime earnings being vanished.

Two years after the first memorandum between Troika and the Greek government, social gains are being destructed and the wealth produced by labour is being totally exploited in order to pay up a debt for which capitalists are the only responsible. The new loan agreement, the «rescue packages» and the trimming of the Greek debt, lead to misery, to wages below the survival line, and to a dead end for the working class in order to help the capital to weather its own historical crisis.

Moreover, the political scene is a battlefield of sharpening contradictions, too. The unelected government of the coalition among ‘social-democrats’, neoliberals and extreme right-wingers reveals the total obedience of the bourgeois parties to the big financial interests and the market speculation. On the other hand, new social and political correlates are being formed within the social uprising and the urgent need for an overthrow. Within that framework of emerging radicalization, the Left is in front of both a crucial historical challenge and a crucial historical possibility.

We, comrades from all over the world, members of the Left, of the labor and social movement and of the struggle for the social liberation against capitalism, express our support and solidarity to the Greek people and to our comrades of the Left, who fight for a common front of resistance against the attack. We will continue showing our solidarity not with words and common press releases, but through our struggles in our own countries and through the reinforcement of the international labor movement.

With courage and confidence. This struggle has to win!

With solidarity greetings, Left Forum 16-18/03/2012, New York/USA

Peter Marcuse
Leo Panitch
Alex Demirovic
John Holloway
Elaine Bernard
Michael Hess
Carol Brown
Denise Pollock
Fernando Herrero
Phillip Shapiro
Nikki Leger
Sergei Ivanovic
Bill Hennessy
Stanley Moses
Melinda Smith
Magali Larson
Jess Frank
Sohnya Saynes
Matt Stancheck
Francesca Voza


  1. Really? Who you are trying to kid? Did these «intellectuals» forget that Greeks created the problems alone? Why did they forget to speak about tax evasion which is a national sport in Greece, about working short hours, escaping work, abandoning offices, striking and rioting all the time and enjoying early retirement?

    Greeks deserve collective punishment. This will teach them a lesson to be responsible and stop expecting Germany and Europe to fund their lifestyle.

  2. Bravo Sharah nice try to fool people that your represent the foreign view on the greek problem, help your self though speak greek !! national sport haha ούτε ο πρετεντέρης να σου το υπαγορευε!!

  3. I thought nazism was dead. And then I read Sharah’ s bullcrap, pure nazi text.

  4. PHRA MIA ANASA…………….


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